Saturday, May 26, 2007

Static and Dynamic Site : Explained

What is the difference between a Static and Dynamic website?

In general there are two types of web sites viz static and dynamic.
Static Website: A static web site mostly contains simply created and linked webpages . Good option for smaller size websites. Static web sites have very limited flexibility in contents and management perspective and also also relatively hard to maintain if number of pages increase. Examples are Home Pages or Sites of Small firms with less data. Individual page can be optimized to preserve the content and the theme.If you have a basic knowledge about webpage you can create a website using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor Or HTML editor like Microsoft Frontpage or Dream Weaver.Less Hosting Space is required for a static site as compared with the dynamic and there is no Database needed.

Dynamic web site : as the name suggests, content is created on the fly. Mostly backend database is used to create webpages according to requirements. Best of Portal and Database driven websites having a lot of categories, products, services and webpages. A dynamic website no doubt will appear to cost more because of the customization and complexity, but comparatively its more cost effective solution considering the size and efforts in development. Administration is easy although individual pages cannot be taken care of as per on page optimization is concerned as the data is pulled from database. More Hosting Space is required for a static site as compared with the dynamic and there is no Database needed.Certain limitations such as query parsing and long URL's can be overcomed using Mod-rewrite function to get better chances of competition and visibility in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.You/the developer are expected to have a lot of coding knowledge for creating a great dynamic site.

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