Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Advertising in Video : New Adsense like Model

How to advertise in Videos with relevancy ?

Video search engine Blinkx is putting the final touches on a new advertising platform for Web video code-named Project Trilby. When it launches next Monday it will be called blinkx AdHoc. It will offer media companies and video sites a way to place targeted ads alongside (or even in) Web videos based on the specific words spoken in the videos, as well as their overall context.

Web video advertising is the fastest-growing segment online, yet nobody really knows how to make those ads as relevant as search ads. Blinkx CEO Suranga Chandratillake says:

You need something akin to AdSense for video, which is what we have built.

Blinkx already indexes more than 12 million hours of video on the Web, and makes it searchable via speech-to-text and clustering technologies. Now, with AdHoc/Project Trilby any large Web video producer will be able to send their videos to blinkx to be indexed so that when somebody watches that video a targeted ad can be triggered.

Building an advertising platform for Web video is smart, but blinkx is not alone. Competitor EveryZing is trying to offer a similar service, and who knows what Google has up its sleeves?

Just like Google's AdSense matches search ads with the words on any given publisher's Web page, blinkx will bring a similar form of contextual mapping to video. An advertiser can buy keywords, and the ads will be triggered when those words are spoken in a video or they appear in a title, description or a tag attached to the video. The ads can be delivered right back on the publisher's site selected from their own inventory, that of an ad network, or from blinkx.

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