Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Banned Organization ULFA using Orkut !!

Its a great way to use Social Media Marketing or Community Sites for virtually "Any" purpose now! Don't believe me ?
Check out the news in which ULFA is utilizing the potential of India's biggest Social / Community Portal Orkut...

According to DNA news,

The banned ULFA is using the internet to attract sympathisers for its cause, with the popular networking site Orkut being used for the purpose.

ULFA is already known to be techno-savvy, with its mouthpiece 'Freedom' updated on internet and its statements to the media routed through email. It is now suspected to be targeting the techno-savvy new generation and the people living outside the state, including NRIs, through forums on Orkut.

There are more than 20 Orkut communities related to Assam, which in some way or the other are a platform to discuss issues of militancy in the region. Though most forums are platforms for constructive discussions, at least a couple of them propagate a 'sovereignty' campaign and are sympathetic to the cause of the militants.

It seems now everyone is grabbing its share of the www and not the only Search Optimizers or webmasters, time to see the future :)

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