Saturday, June 16, 2007

India Outsourcing : Real Facts

Why India Tops in IT outsourcing ?

  1. More skilled Manpower
  2. Cheap operation cost
  3. Markets open for Global entries.

According to an article on Forbes,

Working on Western contracts in India isn't enough anymore for Indian outsourcers. Now, after profiting for years from the outsourcing boom that brought riches to their doorstep from the developed world, they are sending work to locations across the globe in search of specialized skills and new markets.
China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Romania and Morocco--you name it. And Indian information technology majors have already set up base there or bought controlling stakes in local companies.
Kiran Karnik, head of India's software trade body, Nasscom, estimates there are about 50,000 Indians working for domestic IT firms outside India.

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