Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM

Keyword Research is a vital part in Organic as well as Paid Search Optimization.
Basically you capitalize on those keywords which are searched on a large volume and still have lower CPC (Cost per Click). Skill is finding relevant keywords for your/ client's site with less competition with least CPC for getting maximum ROI (Return on Investment).
Webmasters are now seriously concerned about these keywords for Adwords and Adsense too.

Searching for Top keywords for volume and popularity?
There are many tools available:
1) Google Adwords Keyword Tool with Traffic Estimator (for Google only)
2) KeywordDiscovery Online Tool
3) WordTracker Interface.
4) Overture Inventory Tool
5) Google Zeitgeist Monthly searched keywords

Each of those use a different formula ( most of them gather from top search engines)

You can get a clear view from Google Zeitgeist about the last month's most popular keywords searched. Here is a snap shot for India Specific searches :

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