Monday, July 2, 2007

Build your own brand using Blog !!

Online Brand Building goes Web 2.0

Now anyone can build a brand online. All you have to do is generate content, build trust and keep consistency and enthusiasm. The internet will take care of the rest if you have anything unique.

Here is a news that supports the same funda,

When ITV announced the £20 million revamp of its website last month, the inclusion of user-generated content formed part of its plans. Even large media owners with access to huge amounts of content cannot, it seems, afford to overlook UGC in Web 2.0. The rapid rise of social networking and UGC sites such as YouTube, MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and Flickr has been discussed ad nauseum, but the speed with which they have built vast audiences and changed the internet landscape remains mind-boggling. YouTube was, after all, only formed in February 2005 and bought by Google 18 months later for $1.65 billion.

Blogs, mash-ups, online reviews, peer-to-peer Q&As, video clips, social networks, Second Life avatars ... in its many manifestations, UGC is proliferating. Small wonder, then, that Time magazine named ‘you’ as its person of the year for 2006, and the US-based Advertising Age anointed “the consumer” as agency of the year. Of course, despite the accolades, UGC is nothing new. What has changed is the ease with which it is possible to create and disseminate content. Widespread broadband penetration, camera phones, easy uploading of content, cheap digital editing software, a rapidly increasing choice of websites welcoming UGC, changing attitudes to social communication, blogs by the million: there are many factors driving the UGC explosion.

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