Monday, July 23, 2007

European Union Sponsored Semantic Search & Internet

According to Marketwatch,

The so-called "semantic" Internet, or a Web smart enough to sift through information for users rather than leaving them to click through pages on their own, received a boost this week when the executive branch of the European Union approved a significant chunk of funding for a related research project.
On Thursday, the European Commission said the German government will be allowed to distribute 120 million euros ($166 million) among companies, including SAP AG and Siemens AG, to kick-start research on the Theseus project. The aim is to develop "new search technologies for the next generation Internet," including "semantic technologies which try to recognize the meaning of content and place it in its proper context."
The semantic Web has been considered the next evolution of the Internet at least since Tim Berners-Lee, widely considered a creator of the current version of the Internet, published an article describing it in 2001.

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