Thursday, July 26, 2007

Microsoft Anti-piracy Moves in India

Bad news for Pirates of the softwares .....
Microsoft has started its anti-piracy initiatives for India.

According to
After taking up cudgels against resellers and solution providers for software piracy, Microsoft has cautioned its partners and customers in India against fake software floating in the market. The move follows raids on a global counterfeiting syndicate based in southern China.

The syndicate is allegedly responsible for manufacturing and distributing more than US $2 billion worth of counterfeit Microsoft software found in 27 countries and on 5 continents, the company said. India is one of the countries where this counterfeit software was being sold, making it important for customers to ensure that the software they are purchasing is original, the software giant said in a statement.

This may be a measure to improve the revenues drastically and increase the sales while competitors are yet to make a promising alternative.
This also can be a great opportunity for open source softwares to flourish.

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