Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Brand Building Tips ( Part 1)

One of the Myth of Brand Building is that it is considered synonmous to Advertising.
Well its more than advertising!!

Some say "If you sound familiar to any client, your are done!"
If that is the case then why we emphasize on relationships and trust for years?

According to what you say is a long term objective, branding or brand building is not simply the focus of marketing or advertising, its an overall strategy towards customer relationship management (CRM) focus, promise on the quality of service and confidence development within the organization and outside the firm.

If you own an ebusiness its utmost important for you to create and manage a brand through years for a no-second-thinking to the user. Growth of internet has shown the way for successful online business creation and its upto the business to maintain and adapt the growth.

A successful brand promises:

  • Service is the key when it comes to online business, the most important and decisive factor.
  • Quality is what the user gets equivalent to expectation or more than that to recommend to others.
  • Pricing if you are having a product based or service based offering.
  • Distribution network and availability in time.
  • Presence in local niche or within reach is what prompts the user to come back again.
  • Customer care : If you don't care of your customers, somebody else will!!
  • Reputation: Tradition and years of service also creates an impact.

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