Tuesday, October 23, 2007

GAAC (Google Analytics Authorized Consultant ) Pro

GAAC (Google Analytics Authorized Consultant )

The Google Analytics partner network extends to China, Japan, the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Israel, South Africa, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.
India is not included

The following is an overview of the requirements of the Google Analytics Authorized Consultant program; other conditions may apply.

* Proven background in Analytics and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
* In business for 1 year
* At least one dedicated person for Google Analytics support
* Must provide full service i.e. setup, support, training, and consultation for Google Analytics
* Must have an online ticketing system that Google can access
* Must provide support for both Google Analytics and Urchin software
* Must have a web site of sufficient Google Analytics/Urchin content and quality
* Must have at least one Google AdWords Certified employee
* Must attend training sessions at a Google office - usually once per year.

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