Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yahoo's news search tool unveiled!

Did you see what is new with Yahoo ?
Checkout the little drop down arrow below the search box.

A new addition showing the suggested additional keywords ( popular words or keyphrases) in the lines of an online suggestion tool.

Great thing to implement, good work.
There are some effects to that
1. Now organic listings go further down.
If you consider the dropped being for the keyword "seo india" atleast 3 results are being sacrificed in organic ranking.
2. More competition for the paid listing as its showing less number of ads @ the top.
3. If you can manage #1 ranking organically, you can enjoy multiplied visitors as compared to the past and the second one might go in the next fold of the page, which rarely is visited by 60% visitors (approx calc.)

New questions coming up for SEO's worldwide !!

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