Saturday, November 17, 2007

One more Indian Government site Hacked by an anti-US

Another Hacking activity detected on one of the Government site, causing the hosting providers and the webmasters to re-think on the security issues.

New Delhi: The Goa government was in for an online shock on Saturday when its Information and Publicity Department’s website was hacked allegedly by a Turkish group that posted anti-America slogans on it.The website, which was designed to display information on the details of Goa administration and related information and government schemes was flooded with graphic images of executions and arms seizure.State Information Secretary in-charge J P Singh was quoted as saying by PTI that the matter was a serious one and will be looked into.According to Government watchdog CERTIN, close to 3,000 Indian websites have been hacked this year, 140 in October alone. In September, Google mail accounts of key government officials were tampered with and earlier, passwords and login names of the National Defence Academy and key Indian embassies were splashed by a hacker on this website. Goa police say the alleged hacker Huseyingazi has cross-linked the website to which flashes anti-America slogans, police said. One of the comments reads, "United States of America which is feeding on and strengthening behind close doors the universal terrorists is the greatest terrorist country."

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