Friday, November 30, 2007

Google Holds Pay-Per-Call Advertising Option

Google's Pay per Call Ads -

Google started testing pay-per-phone-call ads, since Nov '05 . The concept is to get more leads in terms of direct interaction of client with the advertiser.This online advertising model has an edge over the popular pay-per-click ads as results come quickly reducing a intermediate step of form fill up or enquiry generation online.

According to a news from CNN,
But as for now Google has kept his Pay-per-call on hold...for the time being may be..
Google ads that aim to get buyers to pick up the phone are on hold -- at least for now.
Instead, the company is focusing on other types of ads, including ads sent to cell phone users and pay-per-action ads.
Google GOOG wants to find new sources of revenue apart from its text-based pay-per-click ads. Pay-per-click has become a big hit with advertisers because they pay only when a consumer clicks on an ad.
But Google's attempt to include phone calls in its ad service hasn't been as successful. With pay-per-call ads, an advertiser pays each time a consumer calls the company after seeing an ad posted on Google or its partner Web sites.

Full story can be found out here

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