Monday, November 12, 2007

What they say about .mobi

Google :
"Google is pleased to support mTLD in setting the standards that will define the future of mobile content, and most importantly, improve the experience of our users. Creating one mobile domain encourages content that is designed and optimized specifically to help users navigate the unique environment of the mobile world."

"Ultimately, dotmobi will enable users to find predictable content and services from the businesses that provide them. This will have a major and significant impact on both the mobile and internet industries."

"Establishing dotmobi is an important milestone. Forming the joint venture company has helped to formalise the work that has been put into the initiative, and we look forward to seeing dotmobi domains benefit all mobile users."

Samsung:"Samsung believes that mTLD will enhance the mobile users' internet experience by providing a mobile friendly domain .mobi. We fully support and want to deliver beneficial products/service to the consumers in the mobile industry. By being a part of mTLD, Samsung believes that these goals can be achieved."

Ericsson:"A mobile top-level domain will bridge the gap between the internet and the mobile users, making content more mobile user friendly. The .mobi domain will simplify the Internet experience using mobile devices. By working across industries, dotmobi will cater for a continuous growth in mobile data and help bringing enriched services to mobile users."

Vodafone:"Vodafone has been a keen supporter of the dotmobi initiative from the very beginning. This new sponsored top level domain will greatly increase the use and discoverability of mobile Internet content and dotmobi sites will guarantee a high quality experience when accessing the Internet from mobile devices. The dotmobi domain will further fuel the growth of the mobile Internet, with more content and service offerings available around the world. This is a great step forward for the mobile Internet and will significantly enhance the consumers’ mobile experience overall."

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