Monday, December 31, 2007

Google Video Site maps :: New!!

Google has introduced Video Sitemaps to its existing set of protocols.
This will definately enable it to attach the video tools and utilities to the existing XML site maps.Although the new video-specific sitemap makes the entry, the XML sitemap standard is not taken off. Webmasters can now specify what videos / video files are a part of the website hierrachy and need to get crawled.

A search friendly video-site map is definately going to make searches better with a better reach and new variety.

How to create a video-sitemap ?
Refer Google's webmaster world's for more.

Video-specific tag definitions
Required The tag specifies the landing page (aka play page, referrer page) for the video. When a user clicks on a video result on, they will be sent to this landing page.


Optional The URL of the actual video content.


A URL pointing to a player for the video. The most common case for this is with Flash video. The URL of the SWF file that plays your video should be specified in and the URL of the FLV (actual video file) would be specified in .

The required attribute allow_embed specifies whether Google can embed the video in the search results on Allowed values are "Yes" or "No".

OptionalA URL pointing to the URL for the video thumbnail image file. If you don't provide a thumbnail image, Google will automatically generate a set of representative thumbnail images from your actual video content. Using this allows you to suggest the thumbnail you want displayed in search results.

OptionalThe title of the video. Limited to 100 characters.

OptionalThe description of the video. Descriptions longer than 2048 characters will be truncated.

OptionalWhether the video is suitable for viewing by children. Allowed values are "Yes" or "No".

Optional The duration of the video in seconds. Value must be between 0 and 28800 (8 hours). Non-digit characters are disallowed.

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