Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Orkut Hate Clubs flourishing online..

There are communities you can identify with persons (fan clubs), names, hobbies, professions and even cities and alphabets too. But have you ever been to visit a "Hate Club"
Google and other social networks do a lot of efforts to curb such menace which will be some-day affecting the use and number of visitors; effectively reducing the online spending and income for the service provider.

A news from Techtree has something to surf on....

If you happen to hate Big B's smug face, beaming across from every other channel, or those tireless 'K's' from Ekta Kapoor's 'soap factory', you now have space to vent your emotions.

Hate communities or hate clubs are becoming increasingly popular on social networking Web sites like Google-owned Orkut.

On Orkut, the Ekta Kapoor hate club leads the pack with a membership of nearly 76,468 and counting. Followed by Himesh Reshamiya (of the nasal twang) with 33,137 members; Shah Rukh Khan with 11,179; Greg Chappell with 7,659; yes, Mahatma Gandhi with 6,647; General Musharraf with 1,362; and the Big B with 1,410.

Ironically, while the Father of the Nation boasts a thousands-strong hate club, his killer, Nathuram Godse, does not even warrant a mention on Orkut or Facebook.

Psychiatrist Sameer Parikh explains that people possess a certain amount of hatred, dislikes, and complexities, and they get a chance to express these on such communities and groups. However, Parikh says, too much thought should not be dispensed on this entire phenomenon.

Yet, in recent times, concerns have been raised over certain communities for hurting social sentiments. So much so that the social networking sites themselves are opting to play safe on such issues.

A Google spokesperson voiced the view that they take abuse of Orkut very seriously, and are constantly developing new tools to review inappropriate content on the site.

Orkut users too can report content to reviewers by clicking on the 'report as bogus' button. Recently, a priority reporting tool has been introduced for reporting serious aberrations on the site.

A news article from MSN shows something like that, here the target is Dogs and those who hate them ( may be due to personal reasons or social) are observed using hate as a medium to discuss the feelings.

Drop them from building tops, run them over with your car - are just some of the ways to kill dogs that Orkut's canine-hating members suggest while socialising online
Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has now complained to the police.

Peta accused Orkut, the social networking site, of promoting cruelty to animals and has demanded action against it by cyber cells of the government.

Peta has written to the Mumbai police and complained that among topics discussed on Orkut community sites was "I hate dogs".

Here organizations like PETA come into picture to save the interest of the pets.

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