Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blogging via SMS

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At 21, Ludhiana management student Harjinder Singh already has a mega project in hand, albeit in a micro medium. His 160-character blog posts, punched out on his Nokia handset, instantaneously reach 57,659 Sikhs across India - all at the cost of a single SMS.
"I aim to arouse the pride of young Sikhs through my writings," says Singh, who started blogging on his phone last May. "Many of my Sikh readers voted for Ludhiana's Ishmeet Singh in Star Plus's Voice of India - and contributed to his victory," he adds.
Singh has hired two people to get him cell numbers of 200,000 Sikhs, because he wants to reach "one in ten Sikhs soon". In Delhi, Lalchung Siem, a 33-year-old Food Corporation of India employee, whips out his phone several times a day to blog in Hmar, a tribal language spoken by a small group of people in India.
His posts are sent free to 6,106 readers in the North-East by SMSGupShup, a microblogging platform. "Recently, I got an SOS call after two boys fell in a river in Saidan village, Manipur.
I flashed the SMS on my blog, and within minutes, a hundred people reached the spot, and managed to rescue one of the boys," he says. Microblogging, i.
e., blogging on cellphones in SMSes is on its way to become an absolute sell-out among compulsive cellphone users and enthusiastic communicators.
Source : Yahoo News

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