Monday, April 7, 2008

What is demographic bidding? New with Google

Now its easy to get a demographic report about your Google Adwords Ads and their performance across all your campaigns with new tool "Demographic Bidding".

Demographic bidding is a way to choose your audience by age and gender. If you want your ads to reach women aged 18-24, or people over 55, demographic bidding can help.
Some publishers on the Google content network know certain individual details about their users. Social networking sites, for instance, often ask users to identify themselves by age and gender. For sites that provide this type of information about their users, Google AdSense can display your AdWords ads to the demographic groups that you prefer, or prevent your ads from displaying to groups you don't want to reach. You also can bid more for your preferred demographic groups.
Some Google content network sites offer demographic bidding, but many don't. Your campaign is likely to have a mix of sites that do and do not offer demographic bidding.

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