Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Amitabh Bacchan's Blog

Big B is riding the wave of Blogs, started his own new blogging sessions at, a service provider who is also known for his friendly relations (Anil Ambani).
Checkout his blog Amitabh Bacchan Blog

Amitabh Bachhan says he is not paid for blogging, and why should he be paid to write on his own blog.
"My personal relationship with Mr Ambani has got nothing to do with this. Bigadda is a medium for my blog. They are the service provider ; my own technical knowledge being low. I am not the Brand Ambassador for Bigadda, I am merely using their services till my own website comes up. "

A personalized site devoted to the Big Bachan of the Indian Film Industry is coming up in association with soon. Amitabh will be blogging on his own site then.

So after Amir, its online blog love for A.B. Others to follow soon.

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