Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Display ads or online marketing ? Whats the best?

A news from NDTV found on alootechie shows display ads are more better in terms of performance, in fact the ratio is about 2.5 times.
My take on the camparison below is, online marketing is comparatively new field when it comes to have a direct competition with the display ads and outlets. There are not much expert people as we can see in age-old print media and TV etc.
One more thing to be considered is the CPA (Cost per Aquisition) , the cost incurred for getting a client converted including ads / campaign marketing, awareness, social media optimization and demographics targetted.

I'm a strong believer, if the online marketing is done better ( for products related to internet literate people) there is higher chances of achieving higher clients at lower cost than display ads. Something is wrong if you are under-estimating the power of quality online marketing.

Here is the news :

Display works 2.5 times better than search marketing: NDTV New Media Congress

The fourth and final session of NDTV New Media Congress discussed Branding, Marketing and Advertising Strategies. The panel discussion was moderated by Anurag Batra, managing director and editor-in-chief, exchange4media. Other members of the panel included Lloyd Mathias, marketing director, India and South West Asia, Motorola; Ravi Kiran, CEO, Starcom, South East and South Asia; Rohit Sharma, COO, Zapak Digital Entertainment; and Manish Vij, co-founder and chief business officer, Smile Interactive Technology Group.

Anurag Batra said, “Digital agencies should work like a consultant but most of them are currently working like brokers.” Batra also said that his company exchange4media doesn’t sell ad space on CPM (cost per thousand impressions). He even asked other website publishers present at the Congress to make a pledge that “We won’t sell on CPM.” Don’t know how many agreed.

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