Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Online Internet Population 49 Million in India

India has over 49 million internet users out of which nine million reside in rural areas, according to a study by online research and advisory firm JuxtConsult. The number of regular internet users, defined as anyone accessing the net at least once a month, is around 35 million of which 30 million live in urban areas. Interestingly, 80 per cent of regular online Indians are now buying through the net.

About 48 per cent of urban internet users come from a household with Monthly Household Income of Rs 10,000 plus, while 24 per cent of 9-million odd rural users have MHI higher than Rs 10,000, reveals JuxtConsult’s India Online 2008 -- an offline survey conducted over 12,500 households across 40 cities and 160 villages countrywide.

Source : Alootechie

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