Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Google Trends : New User Controls enabled

Whats the way to learn about the trends and hot buzz?
How do you know where to get any idea about where people have interest and what are they searching for?

You can get a fair idea ( cannot say its fully accurate, but can get something) at Google Trends.
Todays Hot trends are showing everything about Orissa JEE when customized for India

New addition is now you can - Export data to CSV.

Here is one more news titled "Google lets users measure the power of words " about Google Trends.

Today's Hot Trends (India)
1. orissa jee results
3. jeeorissa
4. bput
5. ojee
9. orissajeeresult
10. bput orissa

Have a look:

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Number-crunchers can rejoice as Google Inc offers deeper access to the underlying figures for users' Web searches, giving some insight into trends based on the relative popularity of various words.

The Internet search leader is expanding its existing Google Trends service to allow users to see underlying numerical data on the popularity of any particular search in Google's vast database of search terms, relative to others.

Google Trends was begun two years ago as an entertaining but limited way to indicate what the world is thinking about over time, at least in terms of Web searches.

Now Google is giving users the ability to search across terms in its database, instantly chart how they compare to other search terms, then export the underlying numerical data into a common spreadsheet format to compare with other data.

Google Trends ( lets users compare demand for various search terms and see how popularity differs across geographic regions, cities or languages.

Source: Reuters

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