Monday, July 14, 2008

Yahoo! BOSS Vs Google Custom Search

Its a start of a War between two Search Giants over the Custom Search API's ....

Yahoo is taking on Google Custom Search with the latest Yahoo BOSS ((Build your Own Search Service) an Open search web services platform.
BOSS gives you access to Yahoo!'s investments in crawling and indexing, ranking and relevancy algorithms, and powerful infrastructure.

Ace features with Yahoo! BOSS

1. Unlimited Queries Per Day
2. No Restrictions on Presentation
3. Re-Ordering Allowed
4. Blending of Proprietary and Yahoo! Search Content Allowed
5. White-Label allowed.

The * (Conditions apply) features are:
1. Monetization will be Coming Soon! Monetization platform enabling Yahoo! and partners to jointly participate in the economics of BOSS-powered search products. Either Yahoo! sponsored search integration, with certain implementation and exclusivity requirements, or potentially a payment model
2. BOSS offers developers unlimited daily queries, though Yahoo! reserves the right to limit unintended usage, such as automated querying by bots.

Search Engines who already have adopted the Yahoo! BOSS are:

1. Hakia

Hakia, a leading semantic search engine, uses Yahoo! Search BOSS to accelerate its semantic analysis of the Web by accessing the Yahoo! index's vast amounts of web documents.

2. Me.dium Search

Me.dium combined the BOSS API with its insight into the real time surfing activity of the crowds to build a unique "Crowd-Powered" social search engine prototype.

3. Daylife

Daylife To-Go is a new self-service, hosted publishing platform from Daylife. Anyone can use this platform to automatically generate 100% customizable pages and widgets. Daylife To-Go uses the BOSS API platform to power its Web search module.

4. Cluuz

Cluuz generates easier to understand search results through patent pending semantic cluster graphs, image extraction, and tag clouds. The Cluuz analysis is performed in real-time on results returned from BOSS API.

Ready to start the experiments, here is more reading/information:

BOSS Mashup Framework

The BOSS Mashup Framework is an experimental python library that provides developers with tools for mashing up the BOSS API with other third-party data sources.

BOSS Custom

BOSS Custom is an invite-only program focused on building highly scalable next generation search products. This program is designed for consumer web businesses with unique assets (such as extensive user data or novel technologies) that want to develop truly innovative search products using Yahoo!'s core search technology.

Read the full story at Yahoo! Boss

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