Monday, August 4, 2008

Comparing Online Marketing (SEM) with Organic Search Optimization (SEO) with Stats

Most of the startup online marketers and webmasters which are given additional responsibility to promote the designed website along the internet ( may or may not be a niche market), get confused with the balance to keep in SEO ( search engine Optimization) and SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) .

The one who takes a right decision, defers case to case basic, wins!!

Here is some data to help you in decision making about organic and paid website promotions.

The year on year data (2004 - 2008) with Google Trends (GT) suggests, SEO or organic search has never been so keen to compete with the online marketing, if we rely on the available results with us via the GT Interface for the searches on SEO and SEM

Regionwise India holds most of the searches with SEO and SEM, interestingly Japan ranks second and philippines the third. The searches and the Outsourcing SEO work, has its footprints in this countries, as most of the back-end IT / ITES work is done in India and Philippines with quality.
Language wise classification shows Japanese topping the list for Search Terms. Strange enough English comes to sixth place !

As per the latest data available on Comscore , the search engine shares are as follows which shows why people around the world are running after Google Adwords (for Advertisers) and Adsense ( for Web Publishers)

* Based on the five major search engines including partner searches and cross-channel searches. Searches for mapping, local directory, and user-generated video sites that are not on the core domain of the five search engines are not included in the core search numbers.

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