Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Top 4 Traps by Fake SEO's and Search Marketers

Checkout the Fake SEO case studies, its very common to lose money when you dont know where to put your faith and trust in...

1. Guaranteed inclusion in Google
The most killer line you can observe in most of the so-called Great SEO's in any part of the world.
Some say we will make your site listed in Google's Search engine ( some go beyond and say we will do it for Yahoo! and MSN too.+ 100000000 other search engines)

Remember the term inclusion ( means your site is there in the search engine's index) and ranking ( get top positions for targetted keywords) are totally different and used to confuse the potential client.

The fact is if you have a site , Google will be crawling it as per DNS (Domain Name Server) Updates. Most of the webmasters or net surfers dont know the fact that Google is also an Authorized Domain Registrar, meaning that it has the power to search and crawl the WHOIS database as per wish.
There is a concept of "Sandbox" with search engine (can assure for Google), which may delay the indexing of the site for some time, a new site therefore does not show the instant it is registered.
If your site is still not indexed you can submit a Google Sitemap via Google Webmaster tools.

2. Top 10 Ranking in 24 Hours
Is it a magic trick? well read the complete story first before following these SEO gurus. They have some "special" terminology for that and also have some "conditions", which you will come to know only after you pay.
I have checked with some sites:
One says, the top ranking you will get is for the keyword " Pravin Shivarkar is the best SEO in India". When asked about 24 hours ... well they say, they will submit the site and then "influence" the search engines to rank me for the keyword ; well is it a keyword anyway ;)
One site goes beyond the logical ( Sorry....) imagination limit to say that, they are not talking about the organic ranking, they mean the top ranking is for the Sponsored results ( generally we get on the right hand bar in google) and they will rank your site ( here the really mean a paid advertisement)

3. Do you want guaranteed search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo , MSN?
Who will say no, unless and until he dont know why it is all about ...
The advertisement copy DO NOT Say which ranking, what rank to be exact.
We might have seen for years that if you link a particular site via n number of backlinks ( one way linking) then it is considered that the site is important by Trust vote, which some Black Hat SEO's do try to experiment or spam.

4. Guaranteed 100000000 visitors !!!
If you dont want to know who is coming from which site, or you want to show your client the sudden "Growth" that has incurred because of your "Magical" SEO techniques yesterday , this can be an ideal situation to be in with your money running out of your pocket...........
There are many "businessmen" who buy 1000+ domains and put some "engine" to show some data on each of those "websites". So do employ people (Data entry operators) to add ( copy and paste) content on these sites. Now most of them are directories with whatever subject in this world you can imagine of. So if you are selling for a washing soap and are getting visits from college library sites ( well can be good no doubt) are you expecting any sales after that?

Its all about asking exact questions in life and while dealing with Online Search Optimizers and Marketers!

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