Monday, February 9, 2009

Top Search Terms in India for Internet

Crucial Data for internet marketers and SEO's ( India)

Latest data from Google Zeigeist shows that in Search queries, Indian internet surfers clearly show what they do mostly on the web - its emails!

No suprise that out of the top 10 keyword searches on Google in India, 8 searches are for email or for search engine names.

Google seems to have understood the trends with Indian perspective long back when the introduction of ads in Gmail came in to picture.

Rising Searches: Latest Trends in India

Among the rising searches, surprisingly Microsoft Windows 7 is the rising search word on Google in the last 30 days with a whooping 120% rise.

Infosys makes a 40% rise and scores a 4th position while rediff money is 3rd with the same percentage rise.


All the future online marketing decisions should be conceptualized using Google ( search for content tool) and email marketing campaigns to the best of results, specially for India and the online internet user community.

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