Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cricket : Sport or Religion Socially? Top Social Media Trends

Just by checking out the attendence today and having a look at the social media trends, one can predict there is something special and 'must see' event this afternoon.

Here are some of the tweets about the high octane India Pakistan World Cup Clash 2011 cricket match:

For those who would like to enjoy the cricket as a passion, this is the ultimate occasion in the sub-continent.

Cricket and Social media mentions are closely knitted or do I say religiously?

Top 10 Queries Today on Google Trends:

1.     india vs pakistan
2.     mohali rain
3.     mohali weather today
4.     chandigarh weather
5.     pratibha patil
6.     india pakistan semi final
7.     mohali match
8.     bleed blue
9.     michael clarke
10.     mohali temperature

People in the sub continent are focussed on the Cricket Fever so much that its anybody's guess for the latest trends and who wont like to see the mother of all clashes - India Vs Pakistan in World Cup Semifinal?

Twitter Shows a Cricket inclination too:

Here are the Top Twitter Trends (India) currently

# Poonam Pandey
# #mohali
# India-Pakistan
# #idontunderstandwhy
# #srilanka
# RIP Jackie Chan
# Bleed Blue
# Jai Hind
# Chandigarh

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