Saturday, March 3, 2012

Learn Google Adwords - Learn How to Use the Dimensions Tab in Enhancing the PPC Campaigns

One of the least utilized and highly useful option for Google Adwords Campaign Optimization is the Dimensions Tab.

In broader definition, search engine marketing is a way of increasing traffic using Adwords, paid advertisements, paid inclusions as well as contextual advertising. Search engine optimization (SEO) on the other hand optimizes the content of a website so that it will gain a good ranking in search engines.However, depending on the context of the website, SEM can be used in marketing the website which includes SEO or it may just focus on paid search results. The popular search engine marketing vendors are Yahoo Search Marketing, Google Adwords as well as Microsoft adCenter.

When used in some context especially in marketing communities and commercial advertising, the phrase search engine marketing is used exclusively in a Pay per Click advertising. If you are into paid search engines in Google Adwords, use the Dimensions tab so that you won’t miss out on lots of stuff that will be useful to you. This is an important element of Adwords UI. This will permit you to have a god view of the data of a specific campaign or an entire account. When you used the Dimensions tab,it lessens wasteful expenditures, target the desired customers and enhance the conversions.

The Dimensions tab can be found in the right side of the tab lists in the adWords UI. If you are having difficulty in locating it, just click the down arrow located at the end of the row so that the menu with available tabs will show up. You can see here the types of applicable tabs in the adWords UI. It will show you the Conversions, Time, Reach and other options. You will find stuffs here that are relevant to your campaign. You can use any of the features in your ads like the track able phone numbers, then the call details option will work for you. However, if you are only using the search network, you won’t have the advantage of automatic placements but you certainly can make use of whatever you have.

The “search terms” option in the Dimensions tab will allow you to see the queries generating your ads and also remove any unnecessary terms. This is very useful if your campaign is using several general keywords. This means that the Dimensions tab is useful in optimizing your campaign. With this on hand, you can play around and look for the best possible ways to improve your campaigns. You can always use the data, Customize columns and other advance options that you can use in several ways.

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