Friday, July 27, 2012

How to track SEO performance: Step by Step Guide

Online business is increasing at a very fast pace in recent times because of the inundation of large number of users on internet.  Varieties of tools at the disposal of users could usher in significant measurement of effectiveness through the SEO techniques. Statistics help to measure critical parameters against the benchmark and take corrective action to bridge the gap if any. Presence of the various tips is a blessing in disguise for the user who can continuously evaluate the performance of their website and enhance the listings significantly. There are numerous ways to accomplish the task and some of them enumerated below. 

A sneak preview of the Google link:
  • By analyzing the veracity of the links, one could ascertain quality in an impeccable manner. One of the most important criterions is the number of links to the targeted website. It could provide an idea to improve the popularity by enhancing the quantity of inbound links. If the number of websites is large, it would go a long way in enhancing the visibility of an organization.
  • Number of inbound links from the website could provide comprehensive information about the website. It is important to form a business alliance with the site to reach rich benefits in the future. Innovative ideas would be the key for success in joint collaboration.
  • It is important to verify the popularity of the website comprising of inbound links to the targeted website. A good quality search engine optimization expert would try to find the tips which help the website to connect to a reputed inbound link. It would go a long way in repeating the feat without any hiccups. Prior to launching of the online marketing venture, it is extremely necessary for the users to understand the tips and strategies of the competitor so that they could incorporate them into the target web link.  Companies can search for competitors by using the keywords which also help the customers in obtaining information about the websites with inbound links to the business rivals. Suitable techniques could be formulated at a later stage to wean them away from the existing clients.
Google saved search: Creating new vistas of opportunities
  • Users can set a keyword for the saved search so that they can get daily updates from the website. Interesting topics are delivered to the readers regularly.
  • Latest news about the niches is provided to the users and enables them to write blogs on prominent social platforms using search engine optimization.
  • Proliferation of new competitors in the market could reduce profitability because many companies tend to target the same niche. Therefore, persuading the competitor’s website to shift the target niche to increase the revenues is the key strategy of SEO for emerging as a winner. 
  • By using the name in the search result, people can visit website and leave a comment to attract inbound links leading to an increase in the popularity of the target. The website continues to attract attention because people might post and indulge in discussion about the brand.
Google Analytics: Measuring the traffic:

·         The application is used by majority of the SEO specialists to evaluate the quantity of the web traffic directed towards the link. To differentiate between the spam and the genuine traffic at the website, people install the traffic analyzer at e sever to filter out the users who use java script for accessing the website.

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