Friday, September 14, 2012

How Offline advertising can support to online marketing

Almost all the businesses spend huge amount of money on advertising their business both online and offline to attract the customers. However, many of such businesses are missing the benefits of their advertising activities as they are not putting online and offline activities together.
If the online and the offline marketing are not integrated together, there is a chance of missing out the customers. For instance, if a customer comes across your advertisement without your company’s website, they will not be able to access the site and hence would look for another business.
Also customers may get confused if there is no understandable relationship between what they see on TV and display advertising data on your website. Here are few tips to make sure that both the offline advertising and the online marketing go together.

•    Your needs of online marketing must be similar to your offline rand. If your company logo is different on your website to that of the one used in brochures or in newspaper ads, people would not be able to identify your brand and you will lose your customers. Ensure that the colours and the logo are same throughout the advertisements.

•    The quotes or the messages that you add in your marketing activities, should be carried over into all of them. Your business slogan must appear on every marketing material that you make and messages from offline activities should appear on your webpage. Consistency is very important and make sure that you use same messages throughout your marketing.

•    Putting up the websites on every marketing activity is the best way to integrate both the offline and the online marketing. Put the name of the website on letterheads, business cards, brochures and in every single marketing activity you create. This increases the traffic on your website thus increasing your sales.

•    Every person in business talk about the keywords, as it is very important factor in marketing activities. To integrate both the offline and online marketing, use the same keywords that you used in your offline ads. This ensures that customers who see your advertisement and then search for something they read in it will be directed to your site.

•    The marketing activities should also have landing pages on your website for it to be successful. To fully combine offline and online marketing, activities that you run must be directed to a landing page. If a customer sees your advertisement having an offer, he or she can just type in the URL mentioned in the ad and is directed to the page that has offers.  If it is an effective landing page, you can generate more sales.

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