Saturday, October 20, 2012

How SEO can help in solving Traffic - Quality Scalability Issues

A lot of web users (including webmasters and online marketers themselves)– if not all – at the present are hanging on all their researches, leisure pursuit and even jobs through online accesses. And what hinders us from having a laid back entrée to all our web-dependent purposes is the lagging and the slow undertaking of opening a certain website. This makes each of web users get fed up and be pissed off and blame it all on our internet provider. What we do not actually know is that there is more problem than what meets our eyes.

There are various applications which were born and are still being developed. Furthermore, these applications were in point of fact made up with frontend and backend limitations. The frontend is the one that is visible to us manipulators which actually shows the flexibility in user interface while the backend is the one which makes it work and which is more complex and complicated to deal with. It is the one at work behind the scene which is responsible for manipulating, developing and delivering the data of the applications to be seen by our naked eyes.

It may seem so easy for users to say that the whole kit and caboodle will be fine after a while, but as for programmers assigned to dose the teething troubles, it is more than just the server bandwidth and one of the eyed solutions is performance tests and system monitoring in consistent basis. However, that may not be all that is necessary to fix everything for the reason that the backend contains programs of huge extent which are not easy to get done with. It comprises with very sensitive data which are really vital in your application or business’ life. There could be a lot of experts who have interacted into this kind of problems, but please be reminded that there is no exact similarity between two or more things and circumstances at all times. This means that you cannot depend on how they have reached their way to find out the solution and be capable of succeeding with the tricky process.

However, you do not have to face this kind of situation if you will be able to avoid the problem. The SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is being observed to bring out the key or prevent scalability issue through sitemaps and via help of Google updates. Google, as what other search engines like Yahoo and MSN do, also created a solution to keep an eye to the stability of your website or application. They have come up with an easy to use service where you do not have to do anything but check it, because the system will be the one to make an update based on the changes or development that they have perceived.

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