Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why keyword To Page Relevancy Is Important

If you would want to be like the blooming populations who are making money through a snap on their keyboards, then there are some fundamental things you need to know prior to doing it. Being a blogger or a writer for website contents, then you have to be familiar with some things and take note about certain ideas. It is easy to write and tap the spaces on your keyboard if you have great ideas, but no matter how amazing your idea is, that would still be in no use if nobody is going to read it. To help you in succeeding with your goal to speak your mind and impart your knowledge, you need to be acquainted with the fact that one of the most important stuffs that your post must be equipped of is the keyword.

Well, I have already come up with answers to some basic questions before you could possibly put them to words. But if in this instance, you feel like there’s no need for you to know a lot, and then you may stop scrolling. However, if you are willing to be a more effective blogger or web writer, then you certainly need to keep scrolling to have knowledge about the pre-requisites in achieving your aims.

What are Keywords?

If you would want to have a lot of visitors on your page, then you must come up with the best keyword possible which targets the most likely researched topic on the web. This shall be submitted on the Google webmaster tools to enable the search engines to absorb it and show it to the web visitors.

How to optimize for keywords?

People who are already experienced in this kind of activity have already mastered what to do or what to use as a keyword for their posts. However, most of them are still having a difficult time in coming up with the best, since they have millions and millions of competitors. In this case, numbers of people are even making researches and creating surveys to be able to know

which one really works. Sometimes, we think that we may look and sound brilliant when we use words which are unique, and which are not cliché. We think that deeper words mean better post, but that is just not the case. With website-related posts and blogs, often times, less is actually more. Less complicated words would mean more readers especially if you are trying to impart knowledge and facts. You always have to consider many factors such as the individuals from other country who may read your posts.

What is “relevancy of keywords”?

Keyword relevancy is the parallelism of your keywords with regards to the content of your post. You need to stay on track on what you really want to convey. The keywords that you may use must define the most significant message of your post. However, you still need to make a blissful flow of your post through the optimal keyword density in which you should limit the usage of the word that you are about to use. Some say it should only be 2% to 5% of the post because anything more than that will be considered a spam.

What are the benefits of having keyword relevancy?
Nirvana stage of optimization is:
Ideal keywords, ideal ad copy (if you wish to have contextual ads), landing page with relevant content.If this state is achieved, best ROI (Return on Investment) is guaranteed.

Every marketer (SEO, SEM, Social, Display) tries to reach the best proxmity to relvancy and all the best online marketing practices are designed around the same idea.

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