Thursday, November 1, 2012

Million Dollar Question: PPC v/s SEO – Which is better?

PPC is the acronym for “Pay Per Click”. It is type of search engine marketing tool which has gained immense popularity recently. This has given rise to a debate - Which is a better option, SEO or PPC? Which one of them will yield better search results? Some of the experts of the web suggest that a combination of both the techniques should be used to get good results. The webmasters who are new to online marketing techniques suffer from a lot of confusion. A lot of questions go on in their mind and most of them are still unanswered. To answers the questions correctly, we should take a look at the pros and cons of both of the techniques.

The advantages and disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization are:
The most attractive thing about SEO is that you don't have to pay a single penny from your pocket in order to get listed in search result pages. The search engine does not charge you anything when you carry out SEO. To improve the quality of your website and get it optimized you have to simply follow some techniques, which can be done in many ways. The most important thing is to use good quality and informative content in the web pages of your website. If user comes on your website and spends time to read the genuine information, the value of your webpage increases. And once Google thinks that this web page is providing relevant information with some keyword, your website will be ranked high. The search engine spiders will also find it easy to scan through the website. The results will last for a very long period. The website will appear at the top of search engine results for a longer amount of time in the future.

Now talking about the negative side of SEO, the SEO techniques are very time consuming. There are many search engines that use a set of filters. These filters take such parameters like age of the website and age of the domain into consideration while carrying out the optimization process. So you have to wait patiently before you start seeing the actual results.

Pros and cons of PPC:

PPC is a new technique that is being adopted by most of the webmasters involved in online marketing if they want to get fast results. PPC is a bidding system, where you have to bid against other websites which are of similar type and are running PPC campaign. Like this you can get to the top of search page results that shows paid listings. For example you have a website for “e-books”. You have to place your bid for the keyword “e-book” so that your website appears on the top of the search result whenever someone searches using that particular keyword. Your relative position on the page will be decided depending on the amount you are willing to pay with respect to your fellow bidders. One thing you should keep in mind is that PPC campaigns are very tough to maintain.

So it is wise to carry out PPC for a very short time period and continue with SEO at the back end. Adopting both the strategies will help you get good results in the long run.

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