Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Google in Political - Public Policy Support

Everyone was there except Google,
Its the politics and the social space. But now its open for all... checkout this news on Google's Policy Blog

According to PCMAG

The technology industry has always been quick to champion or condemn certain legislative initiatives, and Google on Monday added its two cents to topics like net neutrality and immigration with the launch of a new blog dedicated to public policy.

Google started the public policy blog internally in April "to limber up our blogging muscles," Andrew McLaughlin, director of public policy and government affairs, wrote on the site.

The search engine giant has touched on policy issues on its official Google blog in recent months, with posts about its executives testifying on Capitol Hill or presidential candidate visits to Google's California campus.

Future posts will likely touch on issues like net neutrality, censorship, innovation regulation, immigration, R&D, national security, and trade.

What you believe ? Is Google learning from MySpace how to enter into indirect politics or is it an honest social service ? Or is it the migrants issue thats making waves around ?

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