Monday, June 18, 2007

World's First Windows Online Desktop : Made in India

Indians have done it Again !!

According to the news by The Hindu,
Bangalore: The Web is where it is all happening — or so we are told by Internet pundits. The applications that we use on our desktop or laptop personal computers will eventually all migrate to the Web, they say. Indeed, players such as Google already offer their users the ability to create and save documents and presentations entirely through a browser. But it's still something happening piece-meal and in driblets.

Now, a Delhi-based start-up, fuelled by the creative efforts of a dozen young Indian programmers, has boldly gone where no major player has gone before — and has just announced the "world's first Windows-based online desktop." It's called Nivio and helps one to create a full-fledged, but entirely virtual, desktop of one's own — on the Web.

After the free-use period that might extend to year-end, Nivio will be offered on a monthly subscription of Rs.399 — with a 50 per cent discount.The beta version can be accessed at after a registration procedure.

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