Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Web Based Presentations Free from Google

Online Presentations for Free from Google

With European Govt. taking Microsoft on a ride for its Monopolistic mood, Google on the other hand has hit another nail this Monday..

Adding a new tool Google Presentations to its online app offerings, this completes the office group which already consists of Gmail, Docs, Spreadsheet.

The beta version of Presentations,is Google labs release and a Web-based clone of Microsoft Powerpoint.

Google has announced this back in April when some hints were given about launching a hosted version of presentation software as part of Google Docs.

This new worry for Microsoft is a Web-based competitor to PowerPoint and great news for all is its FREE.

Google Presentations Beta was showcased in TechCrunch 40.

What will be next move?
What will the Office Giant (MS) do ?

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