Friday, December 7, 2007

2008 : Top Online Security Concerns

The 2008 Olympics is likely to spur a flurry of hacker activity, says Websense Inc, which specializes in web filtering and security software, releasing the top ten computer security threats for 2008.

The top 10 security threats are:

1. Olympics: New cyber attacks, phishing and fraud
2. Malicious spam invades blogs, search engines, forums and Web sites
3. Attackers use Web's 'weakest links' to launch attacks
4. Number of compromised Web sites will surpass number of created malicious sites
5. Cross-platform Web attacks: Mac, iPhone popularity spurs increase
6. Rise in targeted Web 2.0 special interest attacks: Hackers targeting specific groups of people based on interests and profile
7. Morphing JavaScript to evade anti-virus scanners
8. Data concealment methods increase in sophistication
9. Global law enforcement will crack down on key hacker groups and individuals
10. Vishing and voice spam will combine and increase

Source: Rediff News

The second point shows there is a lot to be done for the search engine companies like yahoo, google, msn etc.
Webmasters have to check the site too often for malicious attempts and hacking threats.

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