Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cybercrime - Phishing - Latest India Case

Cybercrimes and phishing are the latest in the world and specially countries like India have to be ready of such hacking activities for the sole purpose of getting rich quickly. Well its good to get money but the way to get it will take you behind bars if its not legal.Many half-learnt and brilliant people who lack integrity for nation and human values happen to be at the receiving end when cyber cops take action.

A news says:
In a major breakthrough, Karnataka's Cyber Crime police of the Corps of Detectives arrested seven people, who allegedly hacked various bank accounts on Internet and siphoned off close to Rs 12 lakhs (Rs 1.2 million).
The kingpin of the racket, Joseph, an unemployed techie hailing from Virudunagar in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, was nabbed from a cyber cafe in Mahadevapura near Whitefield by the police on November 29. Six of his associates have also been nabbed.
The police tracked the accused by tracing the IP address of the PC from where the accounts were hacked.

Read the whole story here.

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