Friday, June 27, 2008

Top Ten Search Properties

Comscore announced its latest research on the Top search Engine shares in various countries and regions.

Useful information for search marketers who want to capitalize on brand building and also online promotion via SEO and SEM.

Showing the presence of internet people , Baidu China takes a lead and microsoft properties are lacking behind. Social media sites like MySpace and Facebook done seem to appear at the top, while friendster makes its presence felt. B2B is still a hot cake and its represented by Alibaba.

In country specific users, China is approximately four times creating unique searches opportunities while Japan ranks second followed by India. Interestingly there are more searches per searcher (102.6) for Japan than China (75.3).

Five of the Top Ten Search Properties are Region-based Engines

Although Google Sites and Yahoo! Sites captured the majority of the search share in the region, five of the top ten search properties are local country entities, including China's (16.7 percent) and Korea's NHN Corporation (5.3 percent), which owns search engine Chinese properties Corporation, Tencent Inc., and Inc., which host Internet-search functionality although they are not strictly search engines, rounded out the list of key local players.

China Accounted for the Most Searches among Asia-Pacific Countries
More than 82 million Chinese Internet users conducted 6.2 billion total searches in April, an average of 75 searches per searcher. Interestingly, Japan’s 60 million Internet searchers conducted nearly the same number of searches (6.1 billion) as the 82 million Chinese searchers, a result of the heavier search volume per person in Japan (102.6 searches per searcher). Korea (104 searches per searcher) and Singapore (101 searches per searcher) also exhibited notably heavy search volume per person.

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