Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flash SEO possible !!

It was long time back when people used to say "NO" when it comes to SEO of a flash based website. Well reasons may be different, but one of the major reason why top search engines dont (used to) prefer .swf files is that they were not able to crawl and read it.

Gradually it has been said to achieve partial success, but it was a guess work how much and how many Flash files are really been "read" by a search engine crawler.

Now things have improved, One gud news for the Search Analysts is here :-------------

Adobe announced Tuesday that Google and Yahoo are adding search capabilities that will enable users to look inside the content of files encoded in Adobe's Flash file format — SWF

The content inside SWF files has heretofore been ignored by the search engine giants, but Adobe has worked with both companies to make sure that their search engine technology can now look inside existing and future SWF content, including text, hyperlinks, audio and video content.

"End users will be getting more accurate search results because there's a lot of information in SWF files that will now be fully indexed, including more information in Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)," said Justin Everett-Church, senior product manager for Adobe Flash Player, Platform BU.

"And content producers are now able to put Flash files online and know that they're going to bring more users through organic search. The good thing is that they don't have to do anything to enable this capability — it works on any SWF file," Everett-Church told Macworld.

Google is already beginning to offer search results including data inside Flash files, and Yahoo will follow suit with an update to its Yahoo Search engine, according to Adobe.

Source : Macworld

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