Friday, August 8, 2008

Google selling Performics to Publicis

Google is selling off its much controversial buy Performics ( the search marketing arm of $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick) . This is a well expected yet essential more to confirm the trust of the online marketing firms as with doubleclick buy, some feared that their personal data and budgets were at stake.

Google was in a process to integrate planning for each of their products and business units. they recently said to have completed the process for the DoubleClick Performics Businesses, and then splitted into separate BU's ( Business Units) viz Affiliate Marketing and Search Marketing.

As they plan to sell the Search Marketing BU, Google still consider to integrate the affiliate marketing business into their existing operations, providing enhanced value and reach for affiliate advertisers. The main intention is to provide additional tools and monetization opportunities for ad-network publishers.

Now about the buyer, its the Publicis Groupe, a French advertising outfit, is the buyer of Chicago-based Performics SEM business. The deal is expected to close sometime in the third quarter of the year.Publicis is planning to strengthen its new VivaKi Nerve Center ad technology platform by purchasing Google's Performics search marketing division.

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