Monday, August 11, 2008

How to earn from a blog or website?

Want to earn online via your website or blog?

Beside many link advertising and banner advertising options , one reliable solution is Google Adsense.
No doubt other online marketing solutions from Search Engines like Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter and Ask Sponsored search are effective, the market share of these companies is one issue where most of the online brand building and marketing money is flowing for a deep and volummetic market reach with effective ROI ( Return on Investment)
Yes the same one which I'm using on my blog here.
Whats the funda?

Its just allowing some space to display ads on your site or blog to Google by placing some script/code.
Once approved, your site starts showing ads "relevant" to the page content, relevance will get more accurate as page gets older and the content gets reliable via more text, links and headers. The ads can be text, images and/or videos too.
You can earn via :
1. Page impressions ( number of times your page gets downloaded or viewed) : You get per thousand earnings via PPM score.
2. PPC ( Pay-Per-Click) : You earn if any of the visitor clicks on any ad
3. Referals ( Now they are being / been taken out)

But first you need to have an adsense account. Get it now, its FREE

Whats new with Google Adsense ?

Google has recently rolled out its "New Ad Management" feature in adsense console.
Those who already have their adsense logins, must have observed some new additions in terms of "code storing" details such as ad size, colors and channel settings etc. The code details are being saved on Google's servers and not elsewhere, so the appeared advantage is the webmaster can make changes to the adsense units from within the account itself.

Now, How do I create an AdSense unit?

To create a new AdSense unit that you can manage within your account, follow the steps below. (
1. Sign in to your account at
2. Under the AdSense Setup tab, choose the Get Ads link.
3. Select AdSense for content as the product. The new AdSense units are only available for AdSense for content at this time.
4. Choose your ad type, format, colors, and channels just as you have in the past.
5. Give your AdSense unit a name that you can remember. We recommend including the site(s), page(s), or location(s) that the AdSense unit will be placed on, so you can easily identify it in the future should you wish to make updates.
6. Click Submit and Get Code.
7. Copy and paste the newly generated code onto your site.

You are done.
So start earning money NOW !!!

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