Monday, August 27, 2012

PPC and SEO - In-house or Outsource?

Over the time, Outsourcing Online Marketing activities (SEO, SEM, Social) has been a constant dilemma in the mind of the top leadership. On one side its the content ownership and secrecy of  data while on the other hand, its cost and resources management.

Particularly SEO ( the organic arm of traffic marketing) is largely popular and gives away a bigger chunk going to freelancers, while SEM ( Paid search marketing if we can refer) has been a agency outsourcing model if the internal team is not comfortable with resources and time.
Be it any small business owner in a B2B or a B2C market, all of them have worked hard to decide whether the internet marketing should be outsourced or should the in-house employees be hired to do the work.
SEO services are the services that are required to run business successfully. Today, there is need for every business to exist online. Having the business online is as important as having it physically. SEO has many practices that allow Google to find and index your web pages. SEO makes the work of Internet advertisers and online business holders easy and helps to build a good reputation; promoting their business predictions. Few of the practices used by the SEO consultants are link building, social media, and on-page and off-page optimization. These practices help to improve the chances of the search engines finding their web pages. 

The main idea of SEO is to increase the traffic to the websites. This can be accomplished by increasing the page rank of the web pages through SEO practices. The web page with a high page rank means that the web users are using the web site quite often and increases the traffic of that particular web site. Having attractive designs and good content on your website will make sure that the user logged in will not exit your website. Technical professionals and content writers also play a major role and are a part of SEO team. The main responsibility of the technical professionals is to design a website such that the web users will not have any problems when browsing your website. Content writers are those who write good quality content and make the users understand what the website does for their customers.  SEO outsourcing has become quite common these days and they are teams that are dedicated to improve your business online. 

If you just want to get the name and if your plan is clear within the next 2 years, then it would be good if you look for SEO outsourcing.  A good SEO company will mainly focus on SEO, email marketing, link building and PPC management. Based on the budget, you can decide which service suits you the best. 

When you hire in-house employees, you need to pay for training and also to retain them. At the time of induction, people need to be identified as per the specialized skills. For example Pay Per Click (PPC) Consultants. Even after spending a huge amount of money on the employees training, they are going to leave you and the company, unless you agree to pay them the best.

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