Saturday, August 25, 2012

Social Media : How Internet Buzz had affected London Olympics 2012

Did you capitalize socially for the just concluded London Olympics 2012?

I've pointed out some points below that social media marketers should take a note of during any next big event/ opportunity.

The social community on the web today is different than that it was in the time of 2008 Olympics. The truth is that the London Olympics 2012 will be what some social media professionals are making as the first Social media games of its kind for the influence networking platforms are bound to have on its marketing, updates and information distribution. Social media is playing a major part in London Olympics 2012. Anything related to news, count of medals and back stories can all be found on these social networking sites. Majority of the people today are turning to these sites to get updates while at work. 

You can also check Olympic actions on Facebook. If you just Google in ‘Olympics 2012’ in the search box, there are lot of results that come up. Just by hitting the like option on facebook, you will get updates any time you need.

The Olympics are on the tip of every person’s tongue. Olympics coverage can also be found on websites like YouTube. NBC (National Broadcasting Company) has an authorized YouTube page that has highlights and videos from almost all the events. Social media effect is more on Olympics 2012.

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) has worked on the social media policies. These new policies are applied to the social networking sites like twitter and facebook. The social media policies states:
Rules for blogs and postings:
IOC supports participants to post comments on any social media network sites and also allow them to tweet at the time of Olympics. The participant can also do a personal posting or can write a blog.
However, these postings, tweets and blogs should be a diary type format and not in the role of a journalist. It means that the participants should not comment on their co-participants or should not report on the competition or should not disclose any confidential information regarding the Olympics to any person or any firm.

Sponsorship and marketing:
Participants are not allowed to do online marketing for their products and services on any of the websites. Also the participants should not enter into any restricted business contract with any firm regarding their blogs, tweets and postings on any of the social networking website unless they get an approved letter from their relevant National Olympic Committee (NOC).

Sponsorship around an Olympic content is not allowed unless permitted by IOC. And you should know few things if you are a social media marketer:
  • ·     Each and every person must obey with Olympic Association Right (OAR) and London Olympic Association Right (LOAR). 
  • ·       Products cannot be grouped together unless and until they have an authorized agreement directly or indirectly with the Olympics.
  • ·         Do not take up any unauthorized marketing operation turning around the Olympics.
  • ·         It is a must to provide correct facts and journalistic approach has to be followed to keep away from going against the rules and regulations. 

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