Sunday, November 25, 2012

8 Ways to Develop Newsworthy Content & Earn Trust

In today’s Internet age, “likes” on Facebook and “tweets” on Twitter determine a post’s popularity or even existence. If you want people to acknowledge your post, you have to write stuff which is like-worthy or tweet-worthy. So in order to make that happen, you have to make sure that your content is newsworthy as in the content which is worthy of making news.
Here a few ways you can achieve this:

1.    Facts: People want to hear about the latest happenings in society instead of what has happened ten years ago. Therefore in order to hold people’s interests, try posting stuff which contains latest information and update it accordingly.

2.    Opinion: Try to give your opinion on the important events in the society. This way the people who support your opinion will obviously notice you but the good part is that is the people who don’t support it will also notice you and give their opinion etc. making your post popular.

3.    Only popularity matters: Sometimes it is best to not care about the type of popularity you are receiving whether negative or positive. As long as your post is gaining fame, you shouldn’t worry about negative publicity. Be controversial. People love that. But be sure to post something of relevance.

4.    Innovation: be original in your approach. If you are innovative about your product and mix it up with current trends and info, other people will also post about it.

5.    Timing: certain issues should only be discussed when they are hot. Talk about taxes in May and budget in August. You should know when to post what as people will look forward to the posting about that topic.

6.    Interesting Information: Make your post interesting. First of all try to choose topics which are interesting in themselves so that whatever you write becomes interesting. In case you have decided to write on something seemingly boring, try to make it interesting by using comparisons, sarcasm or anything else which suits your style. The most important aspect will always be people wanting to read it and actually have enough patience to go through it.

7.    Using Videos: this is not possible in all of the circumstances but try to use it as often as you can. If even one person likes it and shares, it will spread like wildfire and will be more talked about than just words. You can be much more innovative through this and this way there is no limit to what you can achieve.

8.    Pictures: Uploading and sharing pictures is also a grand idea since people’s eyes will automatically go to the picture before the words. They are more comprehensive and this way even a layman will be able to comprehend what you are posting about. As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” and so it will be if properly used.

These short tips if implemented with the Marketing Sense can make your approach talk of the time and get those “likes” and “tweets” you always wanted along with the Trust for your Brand.

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