Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How The Top Performing Brands Are Growing Fans On Facebook

Everyone looking for the Formula - How do the top performing brands become the top performers? Let me tell you for sure, They do not do magic and they are not born famous. In this article you will read how they have become what they are and how even you can achieve what they have:

1.    First and foremost it is essential to determine the key audiences which form the major communities of Facebook. There are three major audiences:

•    Joiners: they form the major percentage of audiences which can go as high as 83%. These people just join your community. Their participation ends here. Once they have joined, they forget about your community and do not put in any effort to promote it. Therefore as much as they look like they are vast in numbers, here’s a number-zero. That is what they are accountable for and you should not pay attention to them much.

•    Sharers: These people, though low in numbers (15%), they are much more active than the joiners and should be paid more attention. They share your posts, participate in your campaigns and make more and more people aware of your existence. The “friends of friends” metric is reached by them.

•    Advocates: these people are very low in number comparatively (1.5 %), but do not go into the numbers as these people make you who you are. They have the ability to make or break you. They do the sharers’ work and also convince other communities to join you.

2.    Constantly offer various ways to make your fans engage. This is possible by holding various campaigns, competitions and giving away free gifts. Maybe initially it will seem like a waste but later this stuff will make your brand gold.

3.    Tell them constantly which posts to follow, which links to follow and what questions to answer. This way the audience will know how to promote your brand in ways it will actually matter.

4.    It is really important to know which posts should be posted when. If you post extremely important stuff in a time where it does not matter at all (like posting about woolens in summers), your effort will go to a waste and people will stop looking forward to anything else you have to offer.

5.    People will not share as many advertisements and promotions as they will share a quiz especially the one which is more related to them for eg. A personality quiz. People want to hear about themselves and know about themselves. This makes them feel personal and special.

6.    Don’t just stick with Facebook. The more social media outlets, the better. Try Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Myspace, Youtube, Tumbir, Pinterest and even a blog. It is never enough. Your brand growth will take place in multiples if you use all of them. So there is basically no reason for you to avoid them.

Now that you know, how the top performing brands became who they are, follow all the tips religiously and smartly and your brand will surely gain the popularity it deserves.

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